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Learn to always know yourself better, surpass yourself, explode your blockages and personal and professional limits. Constantly expand your comfort zone for a fulfilling life in harmony and confidence.

Strengthen your body and mind, replace your beliefs and sharpen your mindset!
Here is exactly what the OVERCOMING group will allow you.

It is a complete program with online support and regular immersions at various locations. This program is reserved for people who really want to surpass themselves, able to tolerate discomfort, eager for a challenge - in short, this support is tailor-made for real challengers!



A global experience for a spectacular transformation

  • 1 monthly coaching session 1/1

  • 1 monthly group meeting

  • 2 immersions of 4 days in Portugal

  • 2 adventure trips - special "overtaking"

  • Direct telephone access in case of emergency

  • Access to all programs online

Why follow such a program?

Training to surpass yourself, training refusal, training to see higher, is a habit, like a muscle to work which will be useful to you in all areas of your personal and professional life. When you are able to rise up in front of a problem, a challenge, it will become much smaller and you will be surprised by what you can accomplish ...

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